How To Care For Your Leather Products

Caring for your Leather

A leather product is an investment piece worth the splurge due to their durability and timelessness. When well-taken care of, they can grow to become your lifelong companion that showcases your own unique style. Here are some tips on how to best care for your leather pieces to ensure they age beautifully and have a long-term durability.


Clean your leather

Dust and dirt can accumulate on your leather over time, hence it's crucial to clean your leather to keep them in good condition. Using a slightly damp cloth, rub the surface of your leather to remove dirt. 


Keep your leather dry and cool

Leather is porous and needs to “breathe”. Therefore, store item in its original cloth bag in cool and dry places after each use, and avoid storing your leather products in plastic or air-tight containers.

On occasions when your leather gets wet, gently wipe the excess moisture away using a dry, clean cloth and air dry your leather. Avoid using an artificial heat source or direct light as those could damage the leather.


Store your leather products properly

Storing your leather properly also plays a large part in extending their lifespan. The first step before putting your leather away is to make sure that they are completely dry. Store them in a clean place away from sunlight, heat and humidity, preferably in a fabric or dust bag for an added layer of protection. To make sure that your leather maintains their original shape, stuff some parchment paper or bubble wrap inside them before putting them away. 


Condition your leather well

If your leather is feeling dry, perhaps it's time to give them some tender loving care. Applying conditioner onto leather can help to restore their moisture and maintain their appearance. Remember to only use recommended leather care products to maintain your item.

Do test a dab of conditioner on a small spot to ensure that the product is safe for your leather before you start. Give your leather a good wipe before applying a small amount of conditioner onto your leather, rubbing it in circular motions. Any excess product left over should be wiped off using a cloth, and leave your leather to dry for a day before storing. It is recommended to condition your leather every six months to ensure its upkeep.


Keep the shape of your leather item

Avoid over filling the item to maintain its original shape. Minimize contact with sharp objects and rough surfaces as it may scratch or damage the item.

Additional Notes

Avoid contact with liquids especially oils, chemicals and solvents such as hand cream, perfumes and hairspray. If your leather item comes into accidental contact with liquids, gently dab the affected area immediately using a dry, soft, light-coloured cloth.


Leather is a versatile material that grows along with you. Maintaining leather can certainly take up some of your time and effort, but when cared for properly, your leather can remain in top condition for years and age to become even more rugged and beautiful over time.